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    Are We Headed for Another Real Estate Crash?

    Over the last few years, real estate values have risen to the point that many sales are now at or above the same level as the peak years of 2005-2007, just before the market crashed. Therefore, is it reasonable to say that we are creating a new bubble and are heading for a crash again. […]

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    Chevron Applies to Build Large Resort on Avila Beach Bluff

    Oil company Chevron has applied to build a large 232 unit resort on a 95 acre bluff that overlooks Avila Beach. The resort would include a spa, restaurant, retail space, pool, workforce housing and trails. The application process is in the beginning stages as the County Board of Supervisors and State Coastal Commission would need […]

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    Congress wants to tax mortgages to help pay for transportation?

    Congress is trying to tax homebuyers to pay for the new transportation bill by creating a new mortgage tax and disguising it as a “fee.” The Senate recently passed a long-term transportation funding bill, and included a new tax on mortgages to pay for it, calling it a “fee.”  This “fee” for highways burdens homebuyers for […]

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